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All games are on unless stated otherwise. Team representatives will receive emails ONLY if there are game cancellations. Emails may be sent as late as 4:30pm. Thank you!
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Mon August 20, 2018 - [7:26 am] - Posted by: James

  • Re: Your Games Tonight - Start at 615 SHARP!!

    Hello Monday Teams

    With daylight being a concern going into the latter part of the 2nd game tonight, please adhere to the following
    guidelines to get both games played under decent lighting conditions:

    - Start your 1st game promptly at 615 - NO GRACE PERIOD
    - No warm-up balls in the infield, along with no warm-up pitches after the 1st inning
    - Hustle in & out each inning from the field
    - The first game is to be called on time with no new inning to start past 735 so the 2nd game can start promptly at 745
    - If any game is tied after 7 innings or any inning that cannot continue either because of time or daylight the game result score will be taken at the previous completed inning. Of course of there is time and daylight available and a game is tied after 7 innings, international tie rules apply (last out starts 2nd base)

    Umpires rulings are final

    Thank you for your understanding.

    James Evjen
    SPMSPL - President

Mon August 13, 2018 - [1:56 pm] - Posted by: James

  • All games for tonight are canceled - (Monday Aug 13)

    Too much rain over the weekend. Diamonds are too wet & soft to play tonight.

    James E

Sun August 12, 2018 - [1:04 pm] - Posted by: James

  • All games for tonight are canceled

    Too much rain and more coming. Tonight's games cancelled.

    James E

Sun August 12, 2018 - [12:35 pm] - Posted by: James

  • Playoff Games Tonight - Sunday Aug 12 - Only 6pm games will

    Hello Sunday teams,

    Due to the weather with rain, overcast skies, and smoky haze we will only be allowing the 6pm games to be played.

    That is assuming by 4pm the diamonds are playable and weather at that time permit. We will be sending out a 2nd

    email at that time if all games are scrapped, otherwise please have your team show up to play. The Umpires will be

    making the call if all games are a go at game time. Games not played tonight will be rescheduled for next week.

    James Evjen

    SPMSPL - President

Wed August 1, 2018 - [1:05 am] - Posted by: James

  • 2018 Playoffs start Sun, Mon, & Wed (Aug 12, 13, & 15)

    (check the website for your teams games) - ... p&View=All

    To see your division playoff in draw form click the following:
    Sunday A-Div -
    Sunday B-Div -
    Monday C-Div -
    Monday D-Div -
    Wednesday A-Div -
    Wednesday B-Div -

    The playoffs are a true tournament style double knock-out format.
    1st week, double header game start times are: 6:15 & 7:45 SHARP! (Sunday 6:00 & 7:30)- Yes you have a 10 minute grace, But DAYLIGHT WAITS FOR NO ONE!!!
    After the double header night is done, single header games will start at 6:30 (Sunday 6:00).
    Barring rain-outs almost all of your playoff games will be played on your regular nights.

    All Teams (Divs A, B, C, D, Sun A, Sun B):
    - Your 8 team divisions have been divided into top 4 and bottom 4 draws with no crossover. True double knock out. lose 2 games and you`re done.

    - For the first week ALL Divisions will have 2 game times on the nights that you play.
    - You have your team rosters and will need to keep them with you on your bench throughout the playoffs.
    - Players must only have signed with one team and must only play for one team league wide.
    - Visit, print off, and have available a copy of our league rules with you. -
    - Home team is always the higher seed team based on the Round 2 standings, regardless of draw position
    - We have paid umpires for the playoffs. They have the final word, please treat them with respect.
    - The executive will be responsible for administering sanctions against any team player verbally or physically abusing umpires.

    ** Report your game score ASAP. **

    Thanks and have a fun post season,

    James Evjen
    SPMSPL - President

Mon June 11, 2018 - [2:01 pm] - Posted by: James

  • All games for tonight are canceled

    All games for tonight are canceled

Sun June 10, 2018 - [4:55 pm] - Posted by: James

  • All games for tonight are canceled

    Too much rain and more coming. Tonight's games cancelled.

    James E

Wed May 30, 2018 - [2:22 pm] - Posted by: James

  • Tonight's Games Are Cancelled

    Tonight's games cancelled. Too much water on the field.
    James E.

Wed May 30, 2018 - [7:36 am] - Posted by: James

  • Round 2 Begins for Wed Nights Tonight & Mon Jun 4

    Round 2 begins tonight for Wednesday nights June 4th for Monday nights and June 10th for Sunday nights.
    Here is tonights and Mondays schedule.

    Div Date Time Dia Visitor Home
    A 30-May 6:15 1 Outkast vs Snipers
    A 30-May 6:15 2 Pure vs Boodang
    B 30-May 6:15 3 BSNS vs Heat
    B 30-May 6:15 4 Outlaws vs Nightmare
    B 30-May 6:15 6 Tazz vs Stinky Digits
    B 30-May 6:15 7 Havoc vs Hello Hitty
    A 30-May 6:15 8 Magnum vs Lollygaggers
    A 30-May 7:45 1 Boodang vs Outkast
    A 30-May 7:45 2 Snipers vs Pure
    B 30-May 7:45 3 Nightmare vs BSNS
    B 30-May 7:45 4 Heat vs Outlaws
    B 30-May 7:45 6 Hello Hitty vs Tazz
    B 30-May 7:45 7 Stinky Digits vs Havoc
    A 30-May 7:45 8 Blaze vs Sluggers

    Div Date Time Dia Visitor Home
    D 4-Jun 6:15 1 Down By 2 vs Truck You
    D 4-Jun 6:15 2 Dirty Birdies vs Ex Pros
    C 4-Jun 6:15 3 Focus vs Bangers
    C 4-Jun 6:15 4 Diamond Dawgs vs Hurricanes
    D 4-Jun 6:15 6 Legend Auto vs Bandits
    D 4-Jun 6:15 7 Jesters vs Upper Deckers
    C 4-Jun 6:15 8 Assylum vs Big Things
    D 4-Jun 7:45 1 Ex Pros vs own By 2
    D 4-Jun 7:45 2 Truck You vs Dirty Birdies
    C 4-Jun 7:45 3 Hurricanes vs Focus
    C 4-Jun 7:45 4 Bangers vs Diamond Dawgs
    D 4-Jun 7:45 6 Upper Deckers vs Legend Auto
    D 4-Jun 7:45 7 Bandits vs Jesters
    C 4-Jun 7:45 8 Muff N Men vs Roughnecks

Fri April 27, 2018 - [5:02 am] - Posted by: James

  • League Starts Apr 30, May 2, and May 6

    League Starts Monday Apr 30 (C & D), Wednesday May 2 (A & B), Sunday May 6 (Sun A & Sun B)

    First week of games for Mon/Wed nights start @ 6pm after that it will be 6:15p.

    Full schedule at If you want to narrow it down to just your
    team or division go to the websites schedule page and use the drop down select option.
    You can also utilize the clean print option.

    All bats must have been compression tested and have SPMSPL 2018 sticker on it.


    James Evjen
    SPMSPL - President

Fri January 12, 2018 - [11:10 am] - Posted by: James

  • 2018 SPMSPL DEPOSIT & LEAGUE MEETING - Sunday Jan 28

    SPMSPL DEPOSIT & LEAGUE MEETING - Sunday Jan 28, 2017
    (Email Transfer Deposit Only - $300 DUE BY Jan 26)

    (If you are NOT returning, Please let us know. Thanks)

    Hello Sherwood Park Mixed Slo-Pitch League Teams!

    We will be having our MANDATORY LEAGUE FEE DEPOSIT & MEETING to secure returning teams' spots in the league

    The 2018 meeting is scheduled for:
    WHEN: Sunday Jan 28, 2018
    TIME: 6:00PM
    WHERE: Agora Centre 401 Festival Lane Sherwood Park, AB.
    (Meeting Room - in the Council Chambers)

    * Prior to the meeting you must RSVP to with your Team Name and the Team Representative who will be attending
    * LEAGUE FEES - Deposit & Full Payment (Deposit Due Jan 26 - Full Balance By April 2):
    Deposit = $300 - Due Jan 24 via Email Transfer Only
    Full League fees - (Monday/Wednesdays = $1200, Sundays = $1000)

    We ONLY will be accepting league fee deposits via internet email transfers
    - Teams can make their deposits ($300.00) via electronic email transfer to us at:
    - Put in the comment box your TEAM NAME, and TEAM REPRESENTATIVE making the deposit
    - Deposit funds must be submitted in to us no later than Friday Jan 26th, 2018 at 11pm
    - All money that was won through the Brewhouse Contest will be applied to the remaining league fees due next meeting, not the deposit!
    - All money that was won through Winning Round Payouts will be applied to the remaining league fees due next meeting, not the deposit!
    - Info in regards to money owed from Brewhouse and round pay outs will be available after the meeting on Jan 28th
    - If you can not send the deposit electronically then you would need to arrange to give your payment to one of our executive prior to the deadline of Feb 24. If paying by cheque there must be time for us to cash it and your check to clear prior to the deadline.

    - If your team will not be returning to play this upcoming season - please let us know sooner rather than later so that we can begin filling the spot(s).

    Please remember:
    If you fail to RSVP and don't show up at the meeting, you will lose your spot in the Sherwood Park Mixed Slo-Pitch League.

    Thank you,
    See you all on Sunday Jan 28th

    Crystal Feader (On Behalf of the SPMSPL Executive)
    Sherwood Park Mixed Slo-Pitch League

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