Sherwood Park Mixed Slo-Pitch League

Even though it is shaping up to be a cold night, this is literally our last chance to get the final games in.
So we will be allowing the games to continue. Dress warm and show up for a 6pm game time start. If it
is not playable the umpires will make that call at game time. Sorry it has to be this way but this years
fall weather has been unbelievable.

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Sherwood Park Mixed Slo-Pitch League General Team Information


The league holds 3 mandatory attendance meetings a year

  1. Fall (Oct/Nov) - Election of Executive
  2. Winter (Feb/Mar) - League Fee Deposit due & New Team Lottery
  3. Spring (Apr) - Outstanding Fee Balance due/Umpire Clinic & Scorebook/Balls Distributed

  1. Annual League Fee:
    Our league fees are currently $1200.00 per team per season.
  2. Performance Bond:
    We also require a $150.00 performance bond. This bond must be paid in full prior to the start of the season and is used to pay fines incurred (if any) through the year. Any unused portion of this performance bond can be rolled over into a new year for returning teams and any balance below $150.00 must be topped up before the start of a new season. Teams not returning for a new season will be given the balance of their performance bond back to them. Fines that may be incurred include (but are not limited to) absence of team representation at a mandatory league meeting and failure to give proper notice of forfeiting a game (see the rules page for game forfeit notice timeline).


The Sherwood Park Mixed Slo-Pitch League requires all returning teams to have a mandatory deposit ($300.00) submitted at the winter meeting in order to hold their spot in the league. Teams failing to: (1) attend the meeting and (2) submit their initial league fee deposit will be considered to be NOT returning to the league and forfeit their spot. The winter meeting usually occurs in February or March. Information about the winter meeting date, time, and place will be available in January. New teams wishing to gain entry into the league are required to have a $500.00 deposit (cash or cleared cheque) submitted to an executive member prior to the winter meeting. If there are any vacancies in the league, and there are more teams wanting in than spots available, the league will hold a lottery to decide which new team or teams gain entry. To be eligible for the lottery a new team candidate must have representation at the winter meeting and have paid the above-mentioned deposit. If your team does not gain entry into the league, your deposit will be refunded in full.

If you want to enter a new team into our league and want to be emailed information about entry, you may subscribe to our teams\' email list. New team email subscriptions will only be accepted after the fall meeting.

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