Sherwood Park Mixed Slo-Pitch League

Even though it is shaping up to be a cold night, this is literally our last chance to get the final games in.
So we will be allowing the games to continue. Dress warm and show up for a 6pm game time start. If it
is not playable the umpires will make that call at game time. Sorry it has to be this way but this years
fall weather has been unbelievable.

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League Rules  League Rules - 2018  

  All SPN 2018 rules apply with the exception of the following:

Grace Period/Game Time: 10 minutes grace. A forfeit shall be declared if there are 8 or fewer players 10 minutes after the scheduled game start time. For EARLY GAMES, there will be no new innings 10 minutes prior to the next game start time. Captains are responsible for coordinating their "game start" watches and for completing games on time.

Team Players: 6 males - 4 females with an Extra Hitter (4 females must be listed in the first 10 batters). You must have a minimum of 3 females on the field at all times and the vacant spot is an automatic out. Less than 3 females (or 3 males if a team fields 6 females) will result in a forfeit.

Batting Order / Extra Hitters: Unlimited extra hitters providing the first 10 eligible batters are 6 males & 4 females and they are physically present at the start of the game. With more than 1 extra hitter, you must rotate Male/Female or Female/Male after the 11th batter accordingly. (i.e. if 11th is male, 12th must be female, and 13th male, 14th female ... etc.). You do not have to add one of each, but if more than one batter is added, each must be the opposite the sex of the previous batter. (The sex of the 10th batter does not dictate the sex of the 11th batter). No player shall be entered into a batting lineup more than once (male or female).

Substitutions: Unlimited defensive substitutions as long as they are part of the eligible batting line-up. You do not have to play field to bat. Substitutions must be male-for-male or female-for-female.

Courtesy Runners: Unlimited courtesy runners are allowed, provided they are part of the eligible batting line-up, and the same gender as the runner, once the batter has reached first base.

Lead-offs - No anticipation: Base runners may not leave their base on a pitched ball until the bat makes contact with the ball. A runner who leaves early shall be called out.

Pitching Arc: 6-15 ft. for all batters. Any pitch that falls below or above the threshold must be called an illegal pitch. An illegal pitch is to be counted as a ball, however the batter has the option to hit a called illegal pitch and the resulting play is live.

Strike Zone Mat: A pitched ball shall be called a strike if it hits any part of the wooden mat before it hits that ground. For mat placement see diagram below.

Home Plate Outs: For force out plays at home, the defensive player must be in contact with the plate (or mat). (Touching the plate AND the board is valid for force plays). Optionally, a tag can be applied for an out before the runner crosses the scoring line.

10 Walk Rule: If a male batter, followed by a female batter, is walked on four pitches or fewer, he is awarded second base and the female batter must bat.

11 Home Runs: Maximum of 7 home runs (over-the-fence) allowed. Any additional over-the fence home runs will result in a single. (NOTE: Fly balls hit into the right field net on Diamond 6 are treated as home runs).

12  Mercy Rule: The mercy rule (15 runs) is in effect after 5 or more complete innings (or 4.5 innings if the home team has scored the 15 runs to mercy). Read SPN Rule 4 Sec. 4 Rule E p 20.

13  Run Maximum Per Inning: The maximum number of runs per inning is 7 except the last inning.

14  Warm Up Balls: Allowed only in the 1st inning, except for the pitcher who is allowed a maximum of 3 warm up pitches.

15 Balls: Will be supplied to the teams by the league. Males are to be pitched the large ball; females are to be pitched the small ball unless they ask for the large ball. If a male is mistakenly pitched a "small ball", the resulting play will be nullified. If a female is mistakenly pitched a "large ball" and discovered at bat, the count will revert to 0 balls and 0 strikes and the small ball will be pitched. If discovered after a play and before the next pitch, it becomes an "appeal play" where the offensive coach has the option to nullify the play or take the result of the play.

16 Jewelry: No jewelry.

17  Alcohol: Absolutely no alcohol is allowed in any part of Centennial Park except the fenced off area by the concession encompassing diamonds 6 & 7. This area is licensed for sale and consumption of alcohol through the concession only. OUT SIDE alcohol is STRICTLY prohibited.

18  Smoking: No smoking on the field of play at any time.

19  Rain Outs: Will be determined by checking the league website at Game Cancellations may be emailed to team reps as late as 4:30pm. Cancelled games are considered ties, however teams may make-up (play) these games on their own time and diamonds. The league does not reschedule these games and they must be completed within one week or prior to the end of the round, which ever comes 1st. Exceptions are playoff games, which must be rescheduled by the league and officiated by league sanctioned umpires. Rain out cancellations will be made on a diamond-by-diamond basis. Games called before the end of 5 innings (or 4.5 innings when the home team is ahead) are ruled incomplete & both teams will receive a tie or the game could be rescheduled at the executives discretion.

20  Game Defaults: Teams must provide 24 hours notice to the opposing team and the executive if they are unable to field a team for scheduled games. Failure to do so could result in a $50 fine for the offending team, for each infraction, providing the opposing team has filed a complaint to the executive within 24 hours of the default. If a team has defaulted 3 or more games, the team could be removed from the league and would have to re-apply to gain access back into the league at the end of the year.

21 Rounds: The season will consist of 2 round of games and a true double knock out round for playoffs. The first round is for reseeding of teams in divisions for competitive reasons. Seeding for playoffs will be decided in this order: Points, Wins, Plus/Minus, Record head-to-head (Wins then Plus/Minus), followed by the lowest Team Number.

22 Playoffs: All teams qualify. Playoff format is a true double knock out. The higher seeded team from the regular season standings is always the home team. Only players registered on the teams' SPN roster sheet may play in playoffs. Players are not allowed to register for two teams unless approved by the executive. Umpires have the final word - please treat them with respect. The executive will be responsible for administering sanctions against any team player verbally or physically abusing umpires.

23  Game Scores: All game results must be emailed to within 48 hours of a completed game by both teams. If the winning team fails to submit the game results within the 48 hours, it may be recorded as a LOSS for both teams. Default win/loss scores are to be reported as 7-0.

24  Team Rosters: Teams may carry an unlimited number players on their roster. Players can only be listed on one (1) team's roster sheet. SPN Insurance registration forms are used by the league for both SPN & League player registrations. Registered players must be 18 years of age or older. Government photo ID must be produced within 24 hours upon request; if no ID is produced within the specified time frame the team will forfeit the game.

25 League Divisions: The league consists of 48 teams with 6 divisions (consisting of 8 teams in each). Divisions A & B play on Wednesdays; divisions C & D play on Mondays; and two divisions play on Sundays. Monday/Wednesday Divisions may be required to swap evenings as required to ensure a balance of games for each division except the Sunday divisions which will always play on Sunday.

26  Divisional Structure: Any Team can request to be placed in a particular division with the Executive making the eventual decision. Divisions may be affected by the number and/or calibre of new teams joining the League. The executive reserves the right to change any team's placement at any time.

27  General Protests: All protests must be submitted in writing to the executive at within 24 hours of the incident.

28 Rule Protests: If a team has a challenge of the rules, they must:
  • Put the challenge in writing within 24 hours of the incident and;
  • Submit it to the entire Executive at the night of the incident to report it.
  • The Executive will investigate the incident and vote on the outcome.
  • The complainant(s) will be notified of the outcome by email.

Strike Zone - Mat Placement

League Rules

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